Do you offer service in my city?

We are ready to serve you in any part of the world. Feel free to contact us!

How old is Anish Motwani Associates?

We have been helping people build their dream homes for more than a decade now.

How are you different than other interior design companies?

We at AMA try and strive to give your space the best look and make it worth admiring. Our personal attention to every corner, minute details & 100 % client satisfaction makes us stand out.

Why do I pay for your tips even when I get them Free Online?

We don’t believe in giving random tips without having a look at your space. We charge for our suggestions to give a premium look to your space rather than you going haywire after following some random advice that doesn’t compliment with the background.

How much time will it take to get the project completed?

Online Services: We’ll be at your rescue with our suggestions within 72 hours of the payment being done

Bespoke Services: We’ll reach out to you within a week post confirmation

Full Plan: Depends on the client’s requirements and of course the space!

Will my space look the best after I follow the suggestion?

It’s completely on you! We make sure we try our best to fit in to your likes and dislikes and match your tastes. And why not! If everything is as told by you, you are bound to like the newly decorated space.

Is there any fee for booking consultation with the Design Expert?

The consultation fees with our Design Expert will be according to the plan chosen by you.

Can AMA’s design experts share the estimates and the presentation with us?

Yes, our Design Experts will share the design presentation and estimates on payment of the engagement fee.

What if I want to stop the project because of a certain reason?

In case of willful termination from the clients’ end, the client is liable to pay the professionals for the work in progress till the next milestone. To know about the defined milestones, contact us.

Who needs online services?

In this digital era, we want everything at a click. So, instead of running here and there looking for the best solution for your space, we are right here at your rescue with our amazing plans.

Why do I need online tips for my space?

We understand that you want your space to be designed your way. But there are some important aspects like colour combinations, selection of furniture and art pieces is where you need a hand. That’s where we step in.

Something went wrong?

Don’t worry about it, we are here to help you, round-the-clock. Get in touch with us by e-mail  on anishmotwaniassociates@gmail.com or call us.

Do you need us to buy the products / items from you?

No need to buy from us. You may buy products/items from your own vendor/supplier basis our recommendations.

Want to edit your design brief?

You will see an “edit” button next to all your answers, except for the budget. You can also add any extra details you want to provide the designers in the “other details” section at any time. If you can’t see the “edit” button, simply send us an e-mail on anishmotwaniassociates@gmail.com  and we will assist you!

How can we re-design your property without seeing it or meeting you personally?

The advances of technology over the last decade have made things very possible for interior designers to work with clients over the internet.  Times are changing and so is the way interior design is performed.  To allow AMA to accurately understand your budget, space, needs and the look you want to achieve, we will ask that you to complete a client questionnaire, provide us a rough sketch of the room measurements and photos.  We welcome inspiration photos you’ve found online as well.  The more info you send the better we get to know you and your style preferences.

Do you work within the budget given to spend on the plan you’ve designed?

Absolutely! We can work within just about any budget. That said, our ability to create a dramatic transformation will be determined by what you’ve set aside for the project.

What do I get in Basic online services of Rs.1888/- ?

In this plan, you can ask for ONE TIME suggestion for any One particular space in your premises or ask any One Time Suggestion or guidance in regards to Labour contractors, Materials shop or Art selection etc.

What do I get when I take Rs.2950/- Classic Online package ?

Under this, you can take suggestion for any two particular spaces in your premises or two options for same space.

What are the advantage of using the Premium online service package of Rs.7080/- ?

In this one can take suggestion for four different areas or four options for one space or two suggestions for two different spaces at much lesser cost. Plus if one needs two suggestions and recommendation for contractors or material supply agents or art selection  than this is better package to choose.

Whats the advantage of using “One Time Paid Visit” ?

In this one can call the designer at their premises within Mumbai limit (for outstation visit please call us) and discuss about their interior related queries and have face to face discussions/ suggestions. Please note that this visit is for 60 minutes only.


• The suggestions/tips given are strictly based on information/details/photographs shared by the
client. It depends on the client, whether to implement the suggestion or not. We expect the client
to give specified and clear details.
• Services to the client will be limited only to the package chosen.

• The site visits are a subject to the scheme chosen and according to the project.
• We make sure to give our best-in- hand to our client. Thus, we analyze and evaluate every query
before responding.
• In case of online services, we are not responsible for purchase/sale or execution of any of the
material furnishings be it an art piece, furniture or any other physical object required in the
• While we ensure that your query is delivered on time, unforeseen events sometimes cause a
delay. In such a case, we will keep you updated throughout and do our best to delivery quickly.
• Once payment done, no cancellations can be done. Have faith in us, we will suggest the best for
• We strive and provide the best possible service to our clients. In any case of complaint or not
being able to get advice, the client shall directly contact us for further assistance.

Do you have more questions?

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