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Want to “make sense out of your space” ?

‘You build a house, make it a home and your home is where your heart resides.’ Your dream home is all ready. Just as you want, your way and according to your taste of artistic finesse. But something is still bothering you. It maybe living room corner, a particular wall by the kitchen, or your bedroom wall or your office desk back wall. You have proved your mastery,  taking care of the minutest details while decorating your house, but this particular space has left you in a tangled mess.

Well, don’t worry. That’s where we step in, to make sense out of your made with love, dream space.

We don’t intend to change your vision for your dream home, but just help you overcome certain barriers from colours to choosing the right art for your favourite wall or help you select the right vendor/ contractor for the job or help you with selecting a nice art piece.

How it works!

Our ‘Make sense out of your space’ method is unique, simple, convenient and affordable when you are not able to figure out what to do with a particular corner of your house or how to select the best art work etc.

All you need to do is the following. And we promise, it will be your way, a per your style and according to your taste.

  • From measurement to photograph
  • Show your photography skills
  • Mention the exact location of space
  • Some background references
  • Your home equals Your choice

Maximum pictures equals Better Understanding Matt Belisle Authentic Jersey

Some background references of your space will be helpfull. Ron Francis Authentic Jersey

Art, furniture, wallpaper, colour, design what you want? Lamar Miller Womens Jersey

inclusive of GST
One time Suggestion
for a particular
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inclusive of GST
Two time Suggestion
for a particular space
or two different spaces
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inclusive of GST
Any FOUR spaces in your house
that need help with
or any other suggestion needed
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Provide above details, pay the nominal amount and expert advice is on its way, only for you!

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